Jael & Deborah

Posted by Lizzy Armentrout on June 18, 2010 at 9:25 AM

In Judges chapter four God allows us to see how He doesn't just use men to accomplish His work...He also uses us ladies.  Now, let me start right off here by stating that I'm a FIRM believer of ALL Scripture and believe that God teaches throughout His Word that men are to be the LEADERS in ministry.  I don't want anyone to get the idea that I think women should be in leadership in the church because that goes totally against what God teaches us in Timothy.  Having established that important foundation, I do believe that women have unique abilities that God wants to use. 

In today's blog I'm focusing on Jael & Deborah.  In one chapter we see God using TWO women.  First, we have Deborah.  She is the judge. Now, God doesn't tell us WHY she's the judge and not a man, so we get to use our "sanctified" imagination.  Maybe it's because none of the men were spiritual enough? Or committed enough?  Whatever the reason, Deborah is judging Israel.  She prophecies that Israel's deliverance will be through the hands of a woman.  Keep in mind the time period...can you imagine how insane that had to sound to strong, mighty soldiers?  So the battle takes place...the leader, Sisera, escapes and becomes exhausted.  Sisera sees this tent and Jael (a woman) offers to let him get some sleep. He drinks some milk and it's sweet dreams for Sisera---NOT!

I don't understand people that say the Bible is boring or for sissies.  This passage alone is amazing & captivating.  In fact, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around at times.  After Sisera falls asleep, what does Jael do? Call 911?  Run and get a soldier? NOPE! She takes a tent spike and hammer  then drives the spike through Sisera's temple to kill him.  WOW!  My first response is, "Yuck!" quickly followed with, "What an amazing woman!"  She was definitely ready for the task that God had for her and fulfilled it.

When Deborah hears of Sisera's death, she sings praise to God.  I can't pass this up...when God works in our life, we will praise Him with song.  That's why it bothers me in church when I see so many Christians with their mouths closed during the song service.

We need more Jaels and Deborahs today...women who will be ready to do the task that God has for them and then follow through and who will give God the glory when it is completed.

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