A Man of God....My Dad

Posted by Lizzy Armentrout on June 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM

This last weekend was Father's Day; a day we as a nation have chosen to set aside to honor our fathers.  Most people will say that they have a great dad (that is unless you are a teen & in trouble at the moment! lol)  However, I believe you will agree after I introduce you to my dad that I truly do have a pretty spectacular father.

My earliest memories are vague....trying to keep up to his LONG legs while racing him on our street when I was only 5 or 6.  Watching him pitch softball or baseball at church picnics.  Seeing him reach over for mom's hand in the front seat of the car.  Seeing him walk up behind my mom at the sink & give her a hug & kiss. 

As I grew into my junior years, I have very fond memories of fishing with dad in his motorboat on Mosquito Lake in OH.  Oh, I loved those days spent with dad learning how to bait a hook and drive a boat!  I also have many humorous ones too...the time he ran out of gas in a blizzard and kept dropping the tools that he was using to hold open the license plate. (Back in the days when the gas cap was under the license plate.) Seeing him watch tv, read the paper, and listen to a ball game all at the same time in his favorite recliner. 

If you've read my testimony on this site, then you know that we nearly lost my Dad to Heaven when I was only 11.  How many times I've heard Dad share a testimony from that time and hearing him say, "I just put the decision (of whether to let dr operate or not) in the Lord's hands."  I remember seeing him lie on the couch looking like a ghost.  As he grew stronger and got back on his feet, he had to become the only parent for 3 teens who had been used to a stay-at-home mom who kept a very orderly home.  Not an easy job at all.  One of my fondest memories of that transition was Dad learning to use the new microwave he had bought for mom that she had hardly gotten to use.  He decided to make FISH! (Yes, fish!)  As he followed the cookbook directions and started cooking it in that new Amana microwave, oh the stench that filled the air!  But he kept assuring us that it would taste GREAT!  Well, I decided to let my two older brothers be the taste testers, and when I saw the look on my middle brother's face I KNEW I didn't even need to taste it!  We kids ordered pizza while Dad ate away saying, "This tastes really good!"  with a smile on his face cuz  he knew that we knew that he couldn't smell or taste at this point after his brain surgery.  (Today he can taste but not smell.) 

I could go on and on with those types of memories, but that's not what makes my dad great.  What makes my dad great is his very obvious love for his Lord and Savior.  During my teen years there were many times that I needed something (Probably money!) and would knock on his bedroom door & when I would open it? Dad would be on his bed with his Bible and Bible commentaries spread all over the bed.  He would have pen and paper in hand as he would be studying God's Word.  Not only did he love the Lord but he wasn't ashamed of his Savior either.  One time my dad and I were on the way home from my Christian school which was 20-30 minutes away and decided to stop at Pizza Hut for dinner.  I'll never forget watching him witness to our waitress! As a young teen, I was MORTIFIED, but I'll never forget watching him lead her to the Lord and seeing the look of joy on her face afterwards.  On those drives to and from school we had so many conversations about the Bible, God, faith, church, etc.  Anything dealing with the Lord.  He would just ask me out of the blue what I thought about..... (who knew what he would put in that blank!)  I would usually stammer and stutter and he would then proceed to draw me into a Biblical discussion of it.  I miss those days!

Today, my dad has Alzheimer's disease.  So many when they hear that tell me how sorry they are for me.  I have to say that it didn't destroy me when we heard...I am just thankful that I've had him for 30 yrs that the dr said we wouldn't have him.  But there have been 2 different times that it got to me.  Both of those times it was because I saw my so intelligent father losing his ability to find a book in the Bible or remember a Biblical account of something.  That's been hard.  But let me tell you, he sure hasn't lost his love for his Lord!  There have been times when he would come up every day dressed in his suit with his Bible ready for church.  When I would tell him that it was only Thursday (and 2 p.m.) he would be so disappointed that he couldn't go to church.  I've also watched him at Wal-Mart as he waits for his wife to finish know what he enjoys doing? Sitting on the bench in the front and witnessing to anyone who will stop to talk to him. In Sunday school he will finish a verse that the teacher starts to quote. 

I'm so thankful that God allowed me to have the dad that I have.  I've heard so many horror stories from others of how their father wasn't home or was abusive or was distant.  Not my dad!  Yes, he worked and sometimes, he worked overtime for weeks.  But I never once doubted his love for me and his interest in my life including my spiritual life.  I hope he never forgets how much I love him and appreciate him! This blog doesn't even begin to describe my dad, but I hope you've gotten to know him just a little. 

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