Husband of the Year Award

Posted by Lizzy Armentrout on February 13, 2011 at 4:40 PM

     For Valentine’sDay this year I am giving my husband the “Husband of the Year” award.  God blessed me over 20 yrs ago when He sent Todd into my life at the college library.  Little did I know that the good-looking guy I noticed in those college hallways would one day be not only my husband but my best friend.  My family has been through some very difficult times this last year, and many men would’ve said, “I’m out of here.” Not only did he stick with me; he was and is my rock. 

     Now, to those who know us, we are polar opposites.  In being polar opposites though we are each other’s completers.  Words and grammar are areas that I love; writing a grammatically correct sentence or paragraph is frustrating for him.  However, he can take an idea, draw it out on paper, and actually see it in his mind! I have to have the picture to see it, and no one would ever recognize anything that I would draw!  I’m the social extrovert; he’s the introvert who would hibernate if I’d let him.  I think it’s amazing how God has blessed me with the perfect man to complete me.

    He’s not perfect but neither am I. He is understanding, forgiving, and very patient with me.  This last year he’s been many things for me and went way beyond the normal call of a husband.  He’s been my defender when others were saying things about me.  My comforter when I felt like everyone had turned their back on me. And I can’t even begin to describe how he comforted me during my Dad’s passing to Heaven in October.  I’ll never forget Dad’s last night in the hospital and having my husband right by my side holding my hand as we slept in those so uncomfortable hospital chairs.  He’s my biggest fan and cheerleader as I write the Shelly Gale series, and that’s saying a lot for a guy who doesn’t really enjoy reading!  Even though he’s not a huge reader, he’ll faithfully read every chapter as I write and give me feedback.   But most importantly, he loves me, thinks I’m beautiful, and has been faithful to me these last 20 yrs!

     God’s blessed me abundantly by giving me two great godly men in my life---my Dad and my husband.  He truly deserves to be named “Husband of the Year!”


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