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Posted by Lizzy Armentrout on March 25, 2011 at 1:20 PM


You probably thought that this is going to be a blog on writing. Well,sorry to disappoint you, but this blog is about turning pages in my life.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. ~Matt 6:34

I recently used this verse as a status on my Facebook wall. So many times when changes come my way, I want to try and see how everything is going to work out. I want to know that it will work long-term. However, the Lord tells me that I am not to be concerned with tomorrow. That is His job. I don't think He wants me to never plan; I just believe that this verse is saying that when we don't understand what's going on and don't see how we're gonna make it that we are to step back and trust Him. Trusting Him. Now, there's the root of it. I have trusted Him to be my Savior, so why is it hard for me to trust Him for my day by day needs? Especially when He's proved Himself faithful to me time and time again through the years.  And usually has something so much better and greater for me down the road than I could ever imagine!

A page I recently turned was I recently resigned from teaching school to home school my14 yr old daughter. This was not an easy decision for many reasons. I love teaching, my students, the multi-tasking the position requires, and all the many friends I have made through the years while there. When my husband and I made the final decision that I would resign, my first thought was, “How on earth are we gonna make ends meet?” I know we are doing what God wants for our family, so I am daily taking it to Him and giving Him the needs. The problem so often is that I want to just pick it right back up after praying for it! Ugh!

When I was teaching I was very busy. Every day was a new challenge, and I thrived on it. Now that I am home schooling I have found another page that's been turned. I'm learning to slow down and to focus on my daughter and husband but more importantly to focus on my spiritual needs. It's not easy to do. I would rather avoid that and just fill up my day with busy stuff, but God has changed that for me. And I realized that other day that I need to take this time to address those spiritual needs and the healing I need instead of covering it up with things to do.

There were really 2 pages that were turned when we decided to home school. Due to many personal and private reasons, we realized that it would be best toattend another church. No big deal, right? Oh my, no. Yes, I miss my friendships from my former church, but the hardest thing has been warming the pew on Sunday instead of serving. I'm used to using my abilities and talents while at church, and again I'm being “forced”into a waiting time where I need to just be patient on the Lord. The very first Sunday I was thinking of all the areas I could serve the Lord and minister. However, once again, I realized that I was just trying to keep busy so that I wouldn't have to address my spiritua lneeds. Thankfully the Lord has given me a couple of different friends who had recently told me to take my time and let myself heal,so the Lord used those comments to make me realize that I am really just walking around in shell-shock right now and need some time to be fed and to heal before jumping in and getting busy at church.

Do I know what'sgonna be the end result of all this? Nope. Wish I did, but then again, maybe I don't. Change is never easy and when so many things change at one time it can be really overwhelming. Thankfully I know the One to run to and He is a Rock and a Shelter in the time of these storms. He has told me to cast all my care upon Him; I just need tolearn to leave it there.










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