The adoption story continues...

Posted by Lizzy Armentrout on June 16, 2014 at 3:40 PM

18 years ago today Todd and I were in the air flying home with our beautiful baby girl that we were blessed to adopt from Julie. And here we are 18 years later celebrating her HS graduation with her birth mother by our side. Last fall we gave our daughter a very special diary. One that her birth mother had written to her while she was carrying her. As a result of reading the diary they were able to connect via Facebook and then Bethany invited her to come to her graduation today. So two weeks ago Julie flew in from CA to celebrate Bethany's 18th birthday and HS graduation. During these two weeks I've had several friends comment about how they admire me or how they think I'm such a strong person to allow her in our lives. As I've heard these statements I've actually been confused because I just don't see that. Yes, I know that a lot of adoption reunions don't go well and there are all kinds of problems. Yes, back when we were going to give her the diary I was afraid of all of that, but we were praying hard and had lots of people also praying about it. I just had to trust the Lord with my daughter once again. After chatting w/Julie via Facebook and hearing how HAPPY she was to hear from us, I just couldn't stand in the way of their getting to know each other. And I am a child of God and love Him and want to please Him with my life. How could I withhold love from someone after how He has loved me just because I'm afraid? And I LOVE my DAUGHTER, Bethany, with ALL my being and KNEW that having an opportunity to have ?'s answered would be what's best for her. When you love someone you are to do what is best for THEM not what is best for self. Anyone who knows my daughter knows this would be best for her. And over these last few months Julie and I have formed our own friendship and I consider her a sister I never had. (Just got to get my sister to learn how to eat Southern! LOL ) So I'm glad I've been an inspiration to many but honestly, folks? It's only because of God that all this has gone so well. I really believe He's the one who has given me the peace through this whole event. Julie flies back home tomorrow, and I have to say I will miss her dearly.

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